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Janet Kate <> - Grummel - 11.03.2014 02:41

Zitat:32 year old, woman from United States

Hello How are you doing over there am Janet by name and i will like to chat with you, Cuz i really like your profile and if you donĀ“t mind to know me too cuz I am open-minded, very health-conscious, cheerful. I am very sincere in finding my other half in the nearest future. If you are similarly sincere and looking for good woman, then I hope you will give me a chance. I am down-to-earth, loving, very respectful, and know how to treat a man. If you are truly looking for a loving, pleasant, cheerful, health-conscious woman that you can have a wonderful, fulfilled life with, then look no further. I would love to have a faithful, loving husband and family and will do everything possible to have a wonderful relationship that is based on love and muture respect,I believe we are meant to share living with another person.And if you really have interest in me you can give me your call phone number or both yahoo email too so we can know more about either....Ok hope to hear back from you soon..??

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RE: Janet Kate <> - Grummel - 11.03.2014 02:44

Zitat:Total Super Cuties
Featuring: Stephanie TSC

RE: Janet Kate <> - abu1963 - 11.03.2014 13:03

(11.03.2014 02:44)Grummel schrieb:

Zitat:Total Super Cuties
Featuring: Stephanie TSC

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