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Elizabeth Alejandro <> <> - Majestix - 21.10.2013 13:31

Zitat:elizabeth Alejandro
32 year old, woman from United States

About Me and My Life
My name is Elizabeth Williams 31yrs old from Alabama Enterprises(USA) as you know i came to (Africa ) to search for my Mom I will be back to state as soon as possible If I may ask does that bothered you!!..I hate game and I hate too Lie right here..I like to tell the truth bcuz truth is alwayz prevail I am 100% single looking for a man to share the rest of my life with. I don´t want no more drama in my life. I love to be with my loved ones all alone and be with her for the rest of my life i love to be out with friends and be all alone sometimes I am one woman born to please to not tease. Here is my private email address I await response

I am loyal, caring, loving ,trustworthy, and honest person.Am very confident, not shy, and love to surprise. Like to go after what I want, I also believe in action than saying things with my mouth. I´m responsible and respect easy going women and am looking for someone who is easy going, very caring and knows the meaning of relationship. I know how to treat a man to be mine forever and believes without communication and trust a relationship can never work. If you are truely interested to get to know me , Here is my private email address :- my number:- 1 (847) 857-7087 I will be looking forward to hear from you

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RE: Elizabeth Alejandro <> <> - Majestix - 21.10.2013 13:40

Zitat:Elizabeth Williams

[Bild: 247924_10568371619032xtsbd.jpg] [Bild: 263523_121861807905844nsy4.jpg] [Bild: 282186_1218619479058300smr.jpg] [Bild: 283078_12186175790585qps1h.jpg] [Bild: 284580_12186185123917w7szk.jpg] [Bild: 263932_12186192457250m6s21.jpg] [Bild: 264804_1218619612391657sbs.jpg] [Bild: 265165_12186182790584t8s0d.jpg] [Bild: 267580_12186190123917eusuv.jpg] [Bild: 267848_12186187790584m3sfx.jpg] [Bild: 267903_12185715790631mvstx.jpg] [Bild: 269608_121861781239184jsqi.jpg] [Bild: 282078_12186198123916lrsmt.jpg]

RE: Elizabeth Alejandro <> <> - Majestix - 21.10.2013 13:45


32 / Frau / Gay
Offline. Zuletzt Online October 4, 2011.

Beigetreten September 23, 2011. Lebt in Enterprise, Alabama.

Über mich
Hi, How are you...I am ElizabethAlejadro 31 alabama Enterprise (USA). I like to meet you. I came across your profile then i was interested in what i saw!! Picture of you stopped my heart for a second. so i intend to use this short period of communication to see if we could get to know each other better and chat as new friends and see where this would lead us is my Private email address feel free to send me a mail I await your response Alejandro .....

Trinken Sie? No
Rauchen Sie? No
Nehmen Sie Drogen? No
Religion: Christian
Wie gross sind Sie? 5'3" (160.02 cm.)
Wie schwer sind Sie? 134 lbs. (61 kg.)
Was war Ihr Einkommen im vergangenen Jahr? below $25,000
Mögen Sie Haustiere? Yes
Wollen Sie Kinder? Yes
Welche Haarfarbe haben Sie? Blonde
Tragen Sie Brillen? No
Leben ist: Exciting
Träumen Sie viel? Sometimes
Welche Art Student sind Sie? B
lesen Sie täglich eine Zeitung? Usually
Was ist das Derivat von x2? Don't know
Was ist Ihre ethnische Zugehörigkeit? Native American
Welche anderen Sprachen sprechen Sie? Spanish
Haben Sie ein Auto? Yes
Haben Sie ein Motorrad? No
Waren Sie schon Mal in Paris? No
waren Sie schon Mal in Miami? No
Haben Sie Piercings? Yes
haben Sie Tattoos? No
Benutzen Sie Facebook oder Twitter? Yes
beginnen Sie in der Regel Gespräche mit Menschen oder lassen Sie sie Gespräche mit Ihnen beginnen? I start the conversation
Wie oft sind Sie ausgegangen pro Woche im vergangenen Jahr im Durchschnitt? 1-2
Wieviele Beziehungen hatten Sie? 0-3
Wieviele male pro Woche haben Sie im letzten Jahr trainiert? 0-1
Wie viele Stunden ehrenamtlicher Arbeit haben Sie im letzten Jahr? 0-5
Wie viele Bücher hast du letztes Jahr gelesen? 1-4

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RE: Elizabeth Alejandro <> <> - Majestix - 21.10.2013 13:50

Zitat:Eliza52510 - Free Lesbian Dating Site - Worldwide Flirting

Zitat:Username: eliza52510
Age 33
Last Login 14/07/2011
Member since: 14/07/2011
Area: USA, Walnut Creek, California
Town: , walnut creek
Contact: You are not logged in.
Add to Favourites: You are not logged in. /
Starsign: Libra
Occupation: self employ
Height: 5´ 4" (163 cm)
Education: High School
General appearance: Latin/Hispanic
Profession: IT
Bodyshape: athletic and toned
Hairstyle: long
Eyecolour: black
Looking for...
a long-term relationship - a date
Languages English

Music Styles: dance Blues anything

Sports: Watersports Tennis Table soccer Soccer Running Ice hockey Golf Diving Basketball Baseball

Description: Hello my name is Elizabeth nelson from California Walnut but presently not in
state right now.I am 31yrs old 100% single and searching,I really picked and
interest on your profile so that makes me say Hi to you. so waiting to hear from
you is my private email address if you wish to chat so waiting to hear from you elizabeth

RE: Elizabeth Alejandro <> <> - Majestix - 21.10.2013 13:51

female, 33 years old
" My Email address is "
about me:
birthday:july 16, 1980
country:united states
cityBig Grinc
what i'm looking for:
seeking:beneficiary (i want to be spoiled)
age range:33-58
in my own words:
My name is Elizabeth, I am from United states of America Maryland Washingotn DC i am a young lady with a kind and open heart,i value honesty,openness,truth,sincerity and mutuality,i dislike lies,selfishness and egoism, i believe that love will rescue our world.I fi...

RE: Elizabeth Alejandro <> <> - Majestix - 21.10.2013 13:52