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Kitty Williams <> - Thor - 27.08.2013 16:44

Zitat:kitty williams

30 year old, woman from United States

About Me and My Life
am film making

My Interests/Hobbies
football and basketball

Favourite Books
read and chatting

Favourite Movies
horror and love movice

Favourite Music/Album/Song
marymary R kelly

Favourite TV Shows

Favourite Sports

hello kitty is my name,am looking for serious soulmate.this is my first time been happy to meet such a person like you.for us to talk better add me we be glad if l can see your reply back to me.thanks for reading my

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RE: Kitty Williams <> - Thor - 27.08.2013 16:47

Zitat:Watson Omowunmi (watson_omowunmi) 29 • Single • Female • from Auburn

Zitat:30 year old man from Bogachiel, Alabama

Zitat:Kitty Williams